* Study and Practice *

Nyingmapa Wishfulfilling Center is a shedra - a Buddhist monastic preparatory school and college. Scholastic and cultural studies at NWC include Buddhist sutra, tantra and philosophy; the practice of meditation; Tibetan medicine; astrology; sacred dance; the creation of mandalas and ritual objects, and of course, the language, poetry and history of Tibet. School programs and activities are overseen by the Ven. Khetsun Sangpo Rinpoche (* The Ven. Khetsun Sangpo Rinpoche *)
who continues to play a role in the daily life and activities of the school and monastery. The school's religious and educationals programs are managed by the very gifted and realized Khentul Thadral Rinpoche (Jigme Namgyal Dorjee), Principal of NWC. (* Accomplished Teachers *)

Though non-sectarian, the shedra's primary emphasis are the sutras and tantras of the Nyingma School of Buddhism and in particular to two lineages within that tradition: Dudjom Tersar (New Treasure Cycle) and Longchen Nyingtic, the Heart-Essence of the Vast Expanse. (* Home - History - About Us *) With masters in both lineages at NWC, students receive extensive trainings in these two very rich treasures.

The shedra offers a three-tiered scholastic program for monks and ngakpas:

* Pre-shedra studies are offered to novice monks in preparation for the traditional nine-year shedra program.
* Shedra studies lead to certification and full ordination as a Buddhist monk in the Nyingma School.
* The advanced Khenpo degree is offered to outstanding student-scholars having graduated the nine-year program.

Complimenting the three-tiered monastic programs, monks are simultaneously engaged in the study of English, science and math. As the world grows smaller, monks are no longer insulated by their environment. These additional educational skills produce a more balanced student able to help spread Buddhism throughout the Western world.

NWC is the first Dudjom Institute located outside of Tibet where lay practitioners and foreign students are welcomed for serious study and practice. In addition to the shedra's curriculum, NWC offers programs to western students wishing to enrich their study of the Dharma. ( * Foreign Programming * )

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